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Mersing Harbour Centre

With the advent of the new Mersing Harbour Centre, the town Mersing has clearly taken a step into the future of tourism. With a string of paradise islands at a stone's throw away, as well as a hinterland replete with as good as unexplored jungles, Mersing Harbour Centre will surely fulfil its one-stop tourism portal purpose foreseen by the forward-looking authorities.

Not only has Mersing Harbour Centre been designed with the ferry to Tioman in mind, along with the shorter boat hops to its sister islands Rawa, Besar at al, but the complex also features plenty of other reasons travel sites like TripAdvisor dub it Mersing's main must-visit attractions.


For example, its retail points of sale have been gaining traction amongst travellers, not only for their wide variety of tourism-related items, including regional souvenirs, but the apparel sold by some of the shops, kiosks and push carts, too, have been nudging up revenues.

In addition, the centre boasts a plethora of amenities and facilities, to the extent that even non-travellers head for Mersing Harbour Centre, for instance to partake of the quality F and B served at the food section.

The complex also has comprehensive bathroom section, which also includes a number of shower cubicles that can be had for a modest sum. Plus, Mersing Harbour Centre offers plenty of parking too.

Tioman Island

But frankly, given the ever-growing popularity of Tioman Island, Mersing Harbour Centre will win the hearts of island revellers most of all. Gone are the days of the long queues at the old ferry terminal ticket counters. Gone also is the hustling and bustling that used to go hand in hand with collecting one's ferry tickets in the old days. With the orderly set-up of Mersing Harbour Centre, collecting one's ferry tickets has become a breeze.

Finding Mersing Harbour Centre

Travellers taking the bus to Mersing Harbour Centre are in luck because in most cases, the bus stops right in front of the building's entrance. If you're taking a cab, then just mention Mersing Harbour Centre, your driver will instantly know how to get there.

The greater Mersing ares has always had a lot to offer in terms tourism appeal. But the problem was it's lagging infrastructure. This issue has been well and truly resolved with the opening of Mersing Harbour Centre. Jom Malaysia. Jom Mersing :)
Spa Tioman

   Spa Tioman
Spa Tioman