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Download the Ayura Spa Menu. Once you've clicked the link, you'll be able to open de file (PDF) or save it onto your computer so you can browse the various spa details at your leisure.

Berjaya's Spa is called Ayura, which is from one of the ancient Tamil languages and is a traditional name for girls.

Ayura Spa is a peaceful cluster of picturesque cottages, peppered amongst an abundance of lush floral vegetation that's cultivated to perfection.

Tioman Spa - Treatment room

Strolling into Berjaya's Ayura garden felt akin to stepping into a wonderful kind of tropical bliss. The tranquillity that reigns here is simply idyllic and, as it turned out, a perfect prelude to the sheer delicious massage that I was treated to shortly after.

When I initially arrived at the front office to book my massage a few days earlier, I found myself immersed in a little paradise, down to the mesmerizing hum of the crickets in the background.

Staff here is attentive and cordial, yet competent and efficient. Within minutes I knew which treatment I wanted, in spite of being spoiled for choice by the considerable menu, courtesy of the clear guidance provided by Ruby, the lady in charge.

The cup of ginger tea carefully placed in front of me was a nice little touch.

Ayura Spa isn't just impeccably operated, but also comes with a comprehensive assortment of services. From Aroma and Reflexology Therapy to Deep Tissue Treatments and a range of Scrub Massages, they're all on offer at Ayura.

If, instead, you prefer to indulge in a Body Wrap, a Manicure, Pedicure, or a Facial, then you can take your pick from Ayura's generous variety.

Naturally, Ayura features a Signature Treatment too, which can be combined with another massage of choice.

My treatment room was fresh, cool and exquisitely quiet, not to mention utterly spotless. The lights were subdued and relaxing, whilst the ambience a delightful blend of Zen and - dare I say - oriental mystique.

After dressing down to a comfy disposable, I lay down on the rather new-looking massage table, senses dialled down in anticipation. After meticulously placing a crisp towel on me, the masseuse then gently washed and dried my feet.

The massage I'd selected was designed to both soothe and indulge and within seconds it was doing exactly that.

Able hands and pertinently strong fingers actually radiated warmth while working their deep tissue magic, gradually and expertly morphing my tense arms and legs into supple pliable limbs. Wellness indeed.

By the end of the treatment, my entire body was comfortably numb. As was my mind.

Marvellous mission well and truly accomplished.

Now, it should be said that for all the full-blooded approval above, it should be noted that Ayura is in high demand and commensurately priced. Booking in advance is recommended.

When staying at Berjaya, Ayura Spa is the ideal way to cap off a day of fun in the sun.

Incidentally, spa operating hours are from 10.00 am till 9.00 pm daily.

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