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Tioman Island - enthralling visitors since 1975

If you're looking for a tropical bounty paradise for your upcoming summer holiday, you may well have found it in Pulau Tioman. This breathtaking little castaway islet, set just a stone's throw away from Peninsular Malaysia's east coast, has been regaling travellers since the mid-1970s.

Whereas in the old days, holiday-makers had to endure a 5 hour bumboat journey from Mersing, these days, comprehensive ferry operations service all 5 of Tioman's west coast jetties. And whilst back then accommodations meant a simple A-frame setup, visitors now enjoy a plethora of options, from hostel to full-on full-service resort and retreats, with all the bells and whistles.

Turquoise water everywhere

Tioman's popularity has been growing unfettered in the past decades. The reasons, apart from the obvious: stunning turquoise seas and powder sugar beaches, are plentiful. For starters, the archipelago to which the island belongs has been featured a number of times in Survival-type tv shows, which typically reach a huge audience.

Jungle-trekking - project your inner Tarzan and Jane

The second reason for Tioman's increasing profile on the world's tourism radar is its versatility. Not only is the island one of the more idyllic you'll experience, giving even Maldives a run for its money, but it also boasts huge swatches of as good as untouched rainforest jungle. Want to SUP, snorkel or kayak in the morning, followed by a jungle trek, including a bathe in a natural waterfall, by the afternoon? In Tioman this is no problem. Not a lot of beach destinations can claim this.

Smooth sailing all the way

Thirdly, Tioman is quite accessible. Most tourists booked for Tioman fly to Singapore or Malaysia, after which a bus or taxi, both easy to book online, will take you to Mersing, the de facto jumping board to Tioman. The final ferry hop can be booked online as well. Vis-a-vis places like Fiji, Hawaii etc, getting to Tioman is a breeze, given Malaysia's excellent infrastructure.

Scuba much?

Fourthly, in a word, scubadiving. Tioman ranks in the top 10 of the world's most seductive scuba diving locations. The diversity of species of both animal and plant is amazing.

Quids in

Lastly, clearly, Tioman is affordable. Compared to tropical islands like Mauritius, Bora Bora or Aruba, tioman is positively easy on the budget. A room can be booked for as low as 30 USD. Sure, there are swanky more costly hotels too, but budget travellers like backpackers will be spoilt for choice also.

Selamat datang ke Pulau Tioman - Welcome to Tioman Island

So, if you're keen to be wowed by Tioman's unique beauty and many natural treasures, just click the links above to place your bookings. You can also get plenty of info and advise from Mersing's new tourism portal, Mersing Harbour Centre.

Hop-on-hop-off ferry

Meanwhile, ferry tickets to Tioman can be booked here.

As they say in Malaysia, Tioman boleh :)
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